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The latest on all student-centered models, leadership development, strategic planning, teacher retention, and all things innovation in K-12 education. We answer questions before you think to ask them.

Yosr Najjar - Guest Author

Yosr Najjar is Marketing Director at Education Elements. She has been working in marketing since 2009 when she got her master's degree in Business & Marketing. Passionate about branding, multilingual, and a world traveler, she served as marketing manager at the international Ogilvy & Mather network where she led marketing and communication efforts for multinational brands in the MEENA region. After 6 years supporting various tech, finance and CPG brands, driven by her passion for education, Yosr joined Education Elements in 2015. Yosr has an 11 year track record in defining, managing and launching innovative marketing campaigns across offline and online channels for large and small, local and international brands. In the past few years, Yosr has translated these experiences into building the marketing function and team at Education Elements, and has been supporting districts in telling their stories and showcasing their work through videos, events, and case studies.

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Personalized Learning  |  School Districts

The 4 X 4 of Personalized Learning (Part 4)

Part Four: It’s easy to think of personalized learning as just a buzzword and have trouble imagining it working in public schools  But at Education Elements we know it’s actually both feasible and successful...and happening in school districts across the country. Over the past few months I have shared with you 4 promises, 4 facts and 4 approaches to personalized learning. For my last post in this series, I’d like to share 4 real-life examples of where and how personalized learning is happening.

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Blog Feature

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning : What a District Needs to Know Before Starting [Tweetchat]

  Join us for an hour of Personalized Learning Tweetchat #PLchat moderated by Anthony Kim @anthonx Shifting to personalized learning doesn’t happen overnight. Transforming your district into a personalized learning environment is a big change for students, teachers, and administrators.

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Blog Feature

Blended Learning  |  Classrooms  |  Competency-Based Education  |  Personalized Learning

The 4 X 4 of Personalized Learning (Part 3)

True personalized learning is really dynamically tailored to the individual, which means that you’d be hard pressed to find two places where personalized learning looks exactly the same. As much as personalized learning is tailored to each student’s needs, personalized learning is also tailored to each classroom, each school and each district. No district has the exact same needs and goals as other districts. The population of students is different from one school to another. Resources, teachers, environments, etc. are all different, and personalized learning needs to meet all these elements together.

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Blog Feature

Classrooms  |  Personalized Learning

The 4 X 4 of Personalized Learning - Part 2

  A few weeks ago I blogged about the things that get me so excited about the potential of personalized learning and shared with you four promises of personalized learning:

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Blog Feature

Blended Learning  |  Competency-Based Education  |  Personalized Learning

The 4 X 4 of Personalized Learning - Part 1

Today nearly any time that you are online you are constantly provided with personalized content: music, shopping, dating services, entertainments, etc. You constantly receive content and information that are relevant to your needs and interests. And this personalization remains true even in your everyday life, away from screens: At the gym, your activities are personalized, through dashboards, data and even trainers. At the mall, if you can afford it, you can get your personal shopper; at work, you may be personalizing strategies and communications to your clients. Education doesn’t have to be an exception. 

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