A platform for personalizing learning and instruction

We offer a cloud-based platform that provides students, teachers and administrators each with a single entry point to access digital content and the detailed performance data they need to guide instruction and learning. This innovative cloud service offers simple and accessible data visualizations with actionable insights for users of all types.

  • For Students it provides one-click access to an array of digital products and involves students in their own academic progress

  • For Teachers it offers a comprehensive suite of standards-aligned performance and activity reports to guide instructional decisions

  • For Administrators it simplifies account provisioning and presents a birds-eye view of academic performance and engagement across a school or district

  • Access for non-readers

  • Tablet support

  • Student LaunchPad & Journey Map

  • Grouping Tool

  • Content Search

  • Detailed Performance

Platform Features & Benefits

  • Student LaunchPad

    Student LaunchPad

  • Student LaunchPad

    • Single sign-on
      Provides easy access to digital content and applications
    • Journey map
      Shows progress feedback and achievement
    • Web Links
      Allows students to directly access web resources assigned by teacher
  • Teacher Workbench

    • Single sign-on
      Provides fast access to array of digital content providers
    • Data & Insights
      Unified access to student activity, usage, performance data across multiple sources
    • Dynamic Grouping Tool
      Group students as often as daily based on data from an array of integrated products
    • Content Search & Assignment
      Search, filter, preview and assign items from multiple OER repositories like Gooru & Knowmia
  • Administrator Tools

    • Automated Account Provisioning
      Create and update user accounts automatically with an array of integrated products
    • Administrator Dashboard
      View engagement, standards coverage and student performance data from multiple integrated products
    • 360° view
      See an integrated picture of results across digital content, benchmarks and formative assessments

Ecosystem of Integrated Content & Applications

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Common Questions

  • What grade levels and school models does the EE Platform support?

    Our interface and content ecosystem support grades K-12, and we even have a few schools implementing our platform in Pre-K! Our visual login system allows students to securely log in no matter their literacy level, and our wide range of content partners offer standards-aligned coverage across most grade levels and subjects. We support a variety of blended and personalized learning models, including learning lab, classroom rotation, and flex, as well as traditional classrooms, and our consulting team helps districts choose the model that is right for them.

  • What devices and browsers does the EE Platform support?

    The EE Platform is optimized for modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10) running on an array of devices including Chromebooks, OSX or Windows laptops & desktops as well as Android/Windows/iOS tablets (that means iPad too). However, our integrated content partners may not support as broad an array of device and browser options. Device selection is complex, and our consulting team helps districts to consider trade-offs and choose the devices and applications that are best for their situation.

  • What kind of data can I see in the platform?

    Our ecosystem of content partners offers a variety of different data across multiple report types. Depending on the provider, available data may include standards- or non-standards-aligned activity data, assessed student reading levels, time on task / time in session data, question-level assessment snapshots, and other custom/provider-specific data. The EE Platform reports and dashboards let teachers view data at the class or student level, as well as providing principals whole-school, grade level, and by-teacher summaries.

  • How does single sign-on work?

    With only a single Education Elements username and password, students and teachers can click a simple icon to automatically log into our partners. We use a variety of standard sign-on methods with our providers including SAML, BLTI, and HTTP Post.

  • What digital content can I use?

    Education Elements has a long (and growing!) list of integrated partners in our ecosystem. We provide account provisioning, single sign-on, and data aggregation and analytics for any of our integrated partners. For other, non-integrated providers, we provide simple bookmark links for students and teachers. Most of our clients deliver their core instruction through integrated providers, but some use one or two non-integrated providers in addition.

    Note that for non-integrated providers, we cannot provide single sign-on, account management, or data exchange.

  • Will this integrate with my SIS?

    Yes! We integrate with Aeries, Power School, Illuminate Ed, and other major student information systems. Even if your school has a non-standard (or no) SIS, we can generally make the integration work.

    Contact us for more details.

  • Is the platform an LMS or does it replace one?

    Our platform is not an LMS and is typically implemented alongside one. In fact, our ecosystem of integrated partners includes many major LMS providers. LMS products are typically designed to deliver teacher-developed instructional content and manage student-teacher interactions primarily for upper grades in the K-12 range. The Ed Elements platform specializes in access to web-based digital curricula products and application tools and the management and synthesis of the rich data sets they produce.

  • What type of training do you provide on how to use the platform?

    We have a variety of implementation services available, from strategy and model design through hands-on or webinar training on our platform. Our Personalized Learning Academy makes the transition to personalized learning easier through in-person and online interactions. In addition, we have a robust, pedagogically driven knowledge base to help our clients get the most out of our software, and an amazing support team for any unanswered questions.

    For more information, please see our Services page.

  • Do you have tech support?

    Yes! Our dedicated Client Services Team is not only quick to respond and solve any technical issues, but they’re also dedicated to ensuring that our teachers and administrators get the most they can out of our platform. We have a 100% on-shore support team, many of whom have K-12 public school classroom experience.

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