A Curated Catalog

Our partner ecosystem represents a catalog of select content and application products focused on personalizing learning and supporting instruction in blended classrooms across grades K-12. Collectively, these products address core and supplemental material across reading, math, ELA, science, writing, and social studies, and include a variety of lesson planning and classroom management applications.

Benefits of Membership

  • Fidelity

    Leverage broad, strategic investments in infrastructure, instructional model design, and practice supports for educators – all with a focus on fidelity of implementation.

  • Growth

    Identify relevant user populations more efficiently and expand applicability of products through thoughtful implementation. Accelerate key user engagement metrics & accrue associated benefits.

  • Support

    Rely on a strategic partner to drive implementation quality by ensuring underlying infrastructure and instructional practice needs are met and helping triage end user support issues.

Our Partner Eco-system

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